Nothing feeds gossip like a good mystery.

“Who is Mistress Moth?” ask the whispering socialites. She is a foreigner from Tyang, everyone knows that. She’s a pale, dark-haired woman who paints her face boldly and dresses in exotic styles. The pictures on her dresses often depict doves, butterflies, and of course, moths. She has been in Jasquon for two years now and shows no sign of adapting to the local couture.

What does she do? Well, customers come to her house seeking magical services. It appears she is a scholar of magic. Rumours say that the wealthy pay her for exotic dreams. Has a relationship come to a bad end? Maybe she’ll pluck the memory of it straight out of your head. Nastier rumors claim they pay for her illicit magics no proper Jasquonian would dare cast. Mistress Moth offers no comment beyond a modest smile which only excites those wagging tongues more. Does she really call the shades of the dead to share their secrets? No one who knows the truth is willing to share. It is plain she is well-off, and her house is tended by a silent Tyangian servant.

As befits a decadent foreigner, she lives a life of expensive pleasures. A popular rumor claims she has sampled every illegal narcotic on available on Jasquon streets. It’s said that she sees ghosts of the dead in the smoke she exhales and that her guests have caught glimpses of the specters as well.

For some time now she has been seen in the meetings of the Hare hunters' club. Is that not a proof of Jasquon’s superiority? No matter who you are, where you come from, or how jaded you are, you’ll want a chance to claim that most exquisite prize.

Actual biography:

To be revealed in course of play!

Magical abilities (mainly for my own benefit here...):

Techniques: Master at Control Technique. Competent in Sensing and Destruction. Dabbler level at Alteration and Creation.

Schools: Master of Yellow and Blue magics. Competent at Indigo, White, and Black magics. Dabbler level at Red, Orange, Violet, and Green schools.

School of arcane Philosophy: Haldrian

Other notes: Xhan-Sui has an impressive talent for abstract thought and excels at building the mental constructs required for magic. However, her weakness is that she gets fatigued and pained quite easily when casting the more demanding spells.

Known spells and rituals(adding these in play as I come up with them and fun names for them!):

Character relations

Philomène Tysena

For a stranger who needed to learn a lot more about Jasquon's language, customs and people, a person like Philomène was the best kind of a teacher. Xhan-Sui gladly used her allure as a mystic, exotic foreigner to become a permanent fixture at the courtesan's parties. Their conversations typically dodge certain subjects. Philomène has not asked for the sort of arcane flavors Mistress Moth is known for and as long as that remains true, the Tyangian keeps from offering them. It's a question of courtesy and manners, after all, and the soft-spoken wizardess is always polite.

Xhan-Sui will gladly try to explain her views on the arcane philosophy and the general nature of magic, though, but her explantions tend to be cryptic. She'll also talk of the merits of the Tyangian political system and the wonders of her homeland, but there's one thing she doesn't talk about. Any questions about Xhan-Sui's life before Jasquon are met with the same reply. "It is a story not worth telling or hearing." Philomène has noticed that the Tyangian, despite practiced nonchalance, is always keenly interested in the most exotic substances and the alchemists who make them.
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