Wizards tend to follow paths of study.

The practice of wizardry is an all-consuming one and leaves one with very little time for anything else.

Each school and technique can be rated one of three ways:

Dabbler, or 5th Circle
Competent, or 1st Circle (Mage)
Mastery, or Primae

Although technically any wizard's course of study may include any combination of these ratings in the techniques and schools, due to the sheer complexity of magic these are typically limited in the following ways, to the point where there are recognized names for these Paths of magic. For more information on Related Schools, see SchoolsOfMagic.

Dilettante, 3 Techniques as Dabbler, 2 as Competent. 6 Schools as Dabbler, 3 as Competent

Practicalist, 3 Techniques Competent, 2 Dabbler, 3 Schools as Dabbler, 3 Related Schools Competent, 1 Related School Mastery

Specialist, 1 Technique Mastery, 3 Competent, 1 Dabbler, 1 School Dabbler, 2 Related Schools Competent, 3 Other Schools Competent, 1 Related School Mastery

Invoker, Create Technique at Mastery, Control Technique at Competent, 1 Other Technique Competent, 2 Others Dabbler. Red and Indigo Mastery, 3 Other Related Competent, 3 other Dabbler

Mesmer, Control Technique at Mastery, Sense at Competent, 1 Other Competent, 2 Dabbler. Yellow and Blue Mastery, Indigo Competent, 2 Other schools Competent, 4 other Dabbler.

Metamagician, All 5 Techniques Competent, White Mastery, Black Mastery, Violet Competent, Yellow Competent, 3 others Dabbler

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