Ember's Staff of Wind
This is a Legacy Staff, a special magic item that was created for a specific family bloodline. The original holder of the staff was Kretikin Holdbourne, the first Count of Holdenfield who received the staff as a gift from the druid wizard Helios. when Kretikin died it was passed to his daughter Jarissa who became Countess Mourncreek when she married Lavar, Count Mourncreek. Her son Belios Mourncreek took it to the Collegium Arcana near Lunargen Port in hopes of learning better how to use it. However, he lost the staff as the result of losing a bet to Ember.

Ember's filius Corvus Rarewind researched the staff and discovered, in an ancient tome, the ritual that Helios used to originally dedicate the staff to Kretikin and his bloodline. Using his knowledge of Firewherian energies, Corvus used a nullification ritual to clear the staff of any such attunement. Then he re-dedicated the staff to Ember in a ritual of connection.

The nullification ritual has seemed to "reset" the energy of the staff. The basic power of the staff, now, is to translate magical spell energy into a suite of spells that seem to have a lot to do with cold or air. There may be other powers of the staff that are yet uncovered.

The staff has the power to fly to the hand of its wielder at any time, even if it is seperated from her.

As Ember increases in level, other powers may come to her through the staff.

Spell Suite
The following is a list of spells that may be swapped out for a like spell:

Arcane Spells covered by the Wind Staff
0 Level
Ghost Sound

1st Level
Obscuring Mist
Unseen Servant
Chill Touch
Feather Fall
Summon Monster: Celestial Owl

2nd Level
Fog Cloud
Gust of Wind
Whispering Wind
Summon Monster: Celestial Eagle

3rd Level
Stinking Cloud
Sleet Storm
Lightning Bolt
Wind Wall
Gaseous Form
Water Breathing
Summon Monster: Elemental, Small (Air)
Quench (As the 3rd level Druid Spell)

4th Level
Solid Fog
Ice Storm
Wall of Ice
Summon Monster: Celestial Giant Eagle
Summon Monster: Celestial Giant Owl
Summon Monster: Dust Mephit
Summon Monster: Steam Mephit
Summon Monster: Air Mephit
Summon Monster: Ice Mephit
Air Walk as the 4th level Druid Spell

5th Level
Mind Fog
Cone of Cold
Overland Flight
Summon Monster: Celestial Griffon
Summon Monster: Air Elemental Medium
Control Winds (As 5th Level Druid spell)
Call Lightning Storm (as 5th level Druid spell)

6th Level
Acid Fog
Chain Lightning
Freezing Sphere
Summon Monster: Air Elemental Large
Summon Monster: Bralani

7th Level
Control Weather
Summon Monster: Djinni
Summon Monster: Air Elemental Huge
Summon Monster: Invisible Stalker
Wind Walk as 7th level Druid spell

8th Level
Incendiary Cloud
Polar Ray
Summon Monster: Air Elemental Greater
Whirlwind as 8th level Druid spell

9th Level
Summon Monster: Air Elemental Elder
Summon Monster: Couatl
Summon Monster: Celestial Roc
Elemental Swarm (Air) as 9th level Druid spell
Storm of Vengeance as 9th level Druid spell

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