Wildside Map Graphic


A note about Gendered Living Arrangements

Aspasia, mens cabin
Leigh, queer cabin
Magnati, femme cabin
Matisse, newest cabin
Phryne, the oldest cabin
Rahab, second oldest, hot tubs

Shared Structures

Fireside Lodge, gathering spot
Train Station, home of the party train
Welcome House, security and welcoming / gatekeeping
Wildside Bar and Grill, food and party house

Natural Features

Fool's Moon, clothing-optional area
Lake Ianaphot
Tamlaine Falls
The Ramble, relatively flat - good camping area with bath houses
The Barn, home of the Wildside Ponies and of Mr. Frank and Ms. Elsa

Private Dwellings

Bear's Den
Dani's Tree House
Izzy's House
Von's Cottage
Zan's Place
Cariad's Cabin

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