Guilds of Jasquon
There are many guilds in the city of Jasquon.

Long ago in Cora-Ni, in order to protect themselves and participate in mutual benefit, the tradesfolk and the craftfolk of the land developed guilds. In response, the merchant families of Lunargen came together to form a common Merchant's Guild, which inadvertently caused the creation of the first coherent banking system in Cora-Ni's history.

The primary guilds of Jasquon are as follows:

The Courtesan's Guild
The Smiths and Tinker's Guild
The Teamsters and Mercenaries Guild
The Dyers and Weaver's Guild
The Glassblower's Guild
The Factor's Guild
The Merchant's Guild
The Inns and Taverns' Association
The Dramaturgy Guild
The Inkpot Alley Concern

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