It is an open secret that a T'yangian noble lives in The Swallow's Nest, which is an old and very comfortable house, part of the original manorial layout of the Ducal seat. The occupant of the Nest is protected night and day with magical wards and mercenary guards.

Rumors about this place are many:

The occupant is a Prince who was sent away by the Emperor.
The occupant is a general of the army who disgraced himself but was not given permission to honorably suicide.
The occupant is a member of the Jade Lords who is hiding from their wrath, having stolen something of value to them.
The occupant is secretly a T'yangian spirit dragon who sits at the center of a web of intrigue.
The occupant is a secret lover of the Princess Daphne Lionsblood.
The occupant is a wealthy T'yangian merchant seeking revenge against a Corenthi merchant.

The truth is as-yet unknown.

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