The Glory of Apples

The Quest goes forward like a flame.

Sometimes that flame gutters and threatens to blow out.

Sometimes it sends a shower of sparks across the land.

Where each spark lands there is a glow of hope in the heart of those still left to feel it.

Perhaps it is a cruelty, that each Quester be given that eternal longing for that which no longer exists.

Perhaps it will be our salvation, or their undoing, time will tell.

Arthur's court, his Golden Age, has fallen, many years gone now.

Might once again makes right, and forgotten are all thought of the family of humanity.

No one counts the days.

Why enumerate the nightmare that life has become?

The Wild Tribes from the North, East, and West ride roughshod over the land and there is no justice.

Those who survive gather together what they can and hold on to it for dear life.

They also hold on to the stories, the legends, the tales of Arthur King and his brave and noble knights.

The followers of Yeshua Ben Yosef have organized. Where once there were only itinerant priests and missionaries, now there are churches, doctrine, a calendar, a bishopric. The priests hold some power if only that the peasants will follow them.

Those who believe in the old ways, the mysteries and the stories of faerie are now few and far between. Though the folk remember some of the old ways, fewer and fewer keep them.

This is the age of nightmares, as the old protections unwind and release darkness long ago caged.

Even in this time, however, there is some mystery.

Every so often the magnificent Gleaming Host rides the moors.

The moon still holds sway over the power of life and death, men's hearts and women's bodies.

Every so often one can see the gleaming Summer Isle across the bay, shimmering in the mists, and it is said that one day, Arthur will rise from his sleep in that sweet place and return to Albion. And on that day, the darkness will be defeated. On that day, the balance will be restored and justice will be met.

It is not much, but it is something.

It is enough to fan the ember of the Quest in each Quester.

And thus, the Quest goes forward. May it always be so.

The Glory of Apples is a post-Arthurian tale where adventurers, knights, mystics, and wild ones gather together to fight the ongoing darkness, and to quest for the way back to the Golden Age.

Sample Natures:

Christian Knight
Pagan Knight
Poor Knight
Wise Woman
Wild One
Hidden Bard
Saxon Berserker
Pictish Hunter
Cymric Brawler
Irish Mercenary
Hedge Witch

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