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This is a story I am doing on Storium with Miza from Storium

[[ The Cloistered Hare]]

[[AbigailArceneau|Abigail Arceneau]]
[[GenevieveArceneau|Genevieve Arceneau]]
[[ElariaArceneau|Elaria Arceneau]]

[[MotherDoriaGiltmore|Mother Doria Giltmore]]
[[MistressAngelica|Mistress Angelica Dominica Lethondaria]]

==Angelica's Suitors==
[[BanneretGrimalkin|The Banneret Grimalkin Hofsteader]]
[[KnightMarshalLaval|The Knight Marshall Laval Corlain]]
[[LaurelValerie|Laurel Valerie Chimaerie]]

==Setting Elements==
[[MorningsideHouse|Morningside House]]
[[DaughtersOfJasquon|Daughters of Jasquon]]
[[SwordSistersOfCharity|Sword Sisters of Charity]]
[[CourtesansGuild|Courtesan's Guild]]
[[CourtesanTraining|Courtesan Training Process]]
[[Debut|Notes on the Debut]]

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