The Cloistered Hare

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In a fantasy world where magic is regulated, the Renaissance is in progress, and freebooting adventurers are the talk of the town, you are part of a club in the city called "The Seekers of the Hare."

Every one of you has sworn a sacred oath: that you would all help each other in the location of the famous Cloistered Hare, an extremely valuable jewel that no one has been able to find for decades.

The Seekers meet monthly to discuss findings, follow up on research and catch up on the gossip, and while they Seek, to find jobs that suit their own peculiar set of talents and abilities.

The most high society member of the Seekers of the Hare is Elise, CountessWindholme of Corenth. Her birthday party every year is a highlight of the Seeker's event schedule. But, this year, she has sent an invite to her manor house, called Morningside, there to "put to rest and give a home for once and for all our good friend the Particolor, Cloistered Hare."
She seems to be saying that she has it, or she knows where it is. And you're invited!

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