The Barn is a pony dormitory / stable. This is where Ms. Elsa and Mr. Frank's pony training business is done.

This is also a great space for dances and bdsm sex parties.

Dani says: "This place is our heavy BDSM venue, as well. The basement has heavy impact play furniture like racks, spanking benches, St. Andrews' crosses, a medical scene room, a wet room, a rubber fetish room, sensory deprivation tank, a fire play area, and an electricity play area with your choice of violet wand toys.

On the ground floor in the main barn area is the pony / puppy / whatever play area, the Ponies have their stables there. There’s some suspension play hooks and wenches in that area. On the topmost floor of the Barn are private play rooms, and the overnight cages for those who wish to spend the night in a cage.

Mr. Frank and Ms. Elsa are in charge of this area, they keep it safe, sane, consensual, and risk-aware. Needless to say, the consent-required rule is doubly in effect here!"
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