Techniques of Magic

The Technique of Creation is used to create related to the School to which it is applied. Some things cannot be created as they are intangible.
The Technique of Destruction is used to destroy related to the School with which it is paired. This technique is frequently used as an attack method, but it can also be used to protect when paired with
The Technique of Sensing is used to extend the senses of the wizard through the School that is used.
The Technique of Alteration is used for change or transformation magic. Typically one must know at least two Schools to perform Alter magic. For example, if a wizard wished to transform Water to Air, she would need to know both Indigo and Blue Magic.
The Technique of Control is used for channeling and controlling magic along a specific School. Easy control such as changing a fiery wall into a fiery pillar is one such use, but more complex Control magic can perform multiple tasks at once, or when paired with Alter, can create quilted forms.
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