Taverns, Inns, and Winesinks

A major part of Corenthi life is the place where you socialize and drink. Even the nobility have their favorite places, though this is more a pastime for the middle-and lower-class.

A Winesink is a small shop offering a small variety of wine in quantity, and is perhaps the lowest of the low-class places to go. Still, there is nothing like a small, dark,cool wineshop on a hot day, especially the ones who capitalize on their reputation for being shady places by placing mage-spun ice in quantity to chill the air. Sometimes a winesink's all you have. Winesinks are typically named after a varietal of wine, or called after the name of a vessel of wine: Glass, Cask, or Barrel.

Taverns and their bigger cousins Inns are all over the city. Usually they are built into a repurposed residential structure of some kind, although some famous taverns (The Hoof and Plow is in a barn, The Anvil's Peal is in a former smithy, and Lards and Laddies was built from a pig kennel) are other kinds of buildings and some Inns are purpose-built from scratch to be Inns in the Sydalian plan.

Taverns are based on the Sydalian, Erendani, or Lunargenti plan. Sydalian taverns are cozy affairs with bright open fireplaces and plenty of service staff. Erendani are serious drinking establishments, with a focus on the main bar, and are more likely to have hard liquor on hand than the lighter, beer, cider and mead-focused Sydalians. Finally Lunargenti taverns are whimsical and theme-related, focusing on the decor and the luxury of the seating as well as offering wonderful food and drink and music and their prices tend to be higher end than most.

Of course the most popular of these have transcended their original category and offer as much as they can to all people. The Silver Griffin is a particular favorite, taking up half of a city block and extending itself four stories up and two levels down. The Honeymead is an Inn people actually travel outside the city to visit due to its untarnished reputation for delicious food and the finest in small-batch brews and liqueurs.
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