If you ask Sytherielle Brightsong about herself, she will willingly tell you any number of things about her life.

She was born into a moderately well-to-do family of Lunargen. At an early age, she demonstrated talent in the magical art of sorcery and was taught and guided by a fine teacher, who still claims she was his best student.

As she grew, so did her appetite for knowledge and experiences. She was a child of many and varied interests, and her parents were able to provide for her education. Literature, poetry, art, music, history, religion, nature—she soaked up everything she could and constructed her own personal repository. Her ability to remember and relate what she had learned was remarkable.

She traveled widely, saw much, met many people, and continued to grow. When she turned 15, she asked her parents for permission to go to Jasquon and be apprenticed to a maker of fine instruments. Knowing that music had become one of her deepest loves, they consented. For seven long years, she studied and crafted and learned the intricacies of every musical instrument her Master could produce. She put her heart and soul into every creation, and the day finally came when the Master pronounced her ready to move on.

Filled with excitement, she packed her instruments and traveled again—singing, playing, selling her creations, tuning her heart and mind—until she felt the desire to make a home for herself. There was no question that the great city of Jasquon would be that home.

If you know Jasquon, you will know that Sytherielle is already on her way to being a respected bard. She owns a very successful shop where she creates and sells fine musical instruments. You will know that she teaches the musical arts at the bardic collegium. If you know the Temple of Orielle, you will know that she is a devout follower and uses her musical gifts to enhance services there. And oddly, if you know of The Cloistered Hare (and of course, you DO), you’ll know that she belongs to “The Seekers of the Hare”.

There are those who whisper about why Sytherielle would have such an interest. There are those who speak in hushed tones about a love that was lost, yet continues to haunt the talented young woman. There are those who wonder if her magical ability has led her to pursue the Hare. There are still others who claim it is just another adventure for one who thrives on novelty.

If asked, Sytherielle smiles and remains uncharacteristically silent.
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