Sword Sisters of Charity

The public name for the Enclave of St. Agnacea, the Sword Sisters of Charity is a beneficent organization that seeks to assist the faithful of Lothas in hard times, particularly veterans. They are not fond of wastrels and drunkards, however.

The Sisters gather funds from two sources: one is selling tickets to the Sylvan Ball, a charity dress event with dining and dancing and the other is their Bazaar. The Sisters also host several meet-and-greets during the debut season as a way of reaching out to the young people of Jasquon.

The Sword Sisters collect castoffs from the rich to sell on the open market once a year in their Lothasian Bazaar on the Feast Day of St. Agnacea.

Because the Sisters served the people of Jasquon by providing food, clothing, and shelter to refugees and the displaced during the Silver Occupation, they were granted the land upon which their Enclave sits by King Roger Lionsblood, and have enjoyed royal protection and endorsement ever since.
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