Summer Sun is a high holiday in midsummer.

The Summer Sun Corenthi Royal Court is the most important court day of the year for the Lionsblood court: this is where most new appointments are made, and adjudication of disputes are proven.

The Oriellian tradition holds Summer Sun as a high holy day and the Summer Sun Festival celebrates the triumph of life over death and love over hate. It is celebrated by fountainworks: waterspouts that erupt from the Temple in all directions and continue to flow from dawn til dusk. The waters swirl and swish their way down the baked streets of Jasquon and provide endless hours of delight from the celebrators who come to the temple. Celebrators carry around water bladders and squirt passers by. Very little clothing is worn, and the Temple is notorious for being a clothing optional venue.

Over the years many businesses and private households have taken up this tradition, storing rainwater for the entire year to indulge this outpowering of the Goddess' love. Of course, Lothasian and other people do not appreciate getting drenched as much.

Finally, Summer Sun is the birthday of Queen Aluna Gildmoon, and the Lunargenti population of Jasquon celebrates for the entire week. At one point in time this was the start of a short season of internecine fighting, but these days all that happens is that there are a few fist fights in Loonie taverns.
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