Storium Guidelines


All of my Storium Games use the X-Card as a means to help people withdraw consent when things happen to their character that they do not wish to happen.

The X-Card

Retired Characters

Please let me know which of these approaches is OK with you for dealing with Retired Characters

1.) Everyone should be granted X number of "items" with the name of the retired character on them. People could then invoke that character by using one of the items. This would limit the number of times a person could invoke a NPC, but it would also allow that NPC be used in the story by everyone. The Narrator would be able to "play" the character as written.

Example: Teabee is playing Vist, but needs Dr. Kate to provide a medical opinion on a scene. Teabee plays the "Dr. Kate" item against a challenge to invoke the character in the move.

2.) A new person should be invited to play a character that retroactively replaces the retired character - the choices and interactions of the previous character get adopted as that player's choices, but the player is the active agent for the character going forward..

Example: Fred comes into the game with Dr. Franklin Geary, a tough old veteran doctor character. In so doing, Fred agrees that his character did all the things that Dr. Kate did in the story: he now provided wise advice to Ensign Wheatley, he passed out in his cabin (though actually, it may not be for the same reasons). What happens from then on is decided by Fred.

3.) The Narrator plays all the retired NPCs, preferably in the same style and manner as the original player played them.

4.) Another approach as needed, suggested by another player.

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