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Spaceborn are built according to the roles that are needed on the ship. There is some duplication and redundancy built in (in case of accident, or non-viable results). This careful genetic planning means that each successive generation is better than the last. Removal of gender has decreased interpersonal conflicts, though the spaceborn have not removed emotions and misunderstandings entirely from their people! The prolonged time aboard ships, using recycled air and water, cut off from others and their "bugs" (animals, insects, illnesses and disease) has led to spaceborn being remarkably susceptible to allergies and sicknesses when in contact with humans. There was never a need to genetically prevent against these issues, though some recent ships have begun work on Ambassador class spaceborn who would be specifically inoculated for close interaction with humanity as a whole.

Spaceborn have differing opinions on whether they are still human or not. Most believe that they have surpassed humanity, but those who have contact with humans see the similarities, despite the many differences physically and in interaction.

Spaceborn have the same variety of skintone and features as humanity (they are not all white like Vist!). There is a good databank of skintones, body sizes, etc within each ship and the Genetics team often has a creative streak - building the appearance of a spaceborn out of pure art and design. Some physical changes have taken place: noses are almost unnecessary and so have been minimized in most design plans. Eyes are generally designed for the specifications of the post/job the spaceborn will be filling. Astrogators have large black irises with almost no visible sclera.

=====Spaceborn Pronouns=====
Generally, spaceborn refer to themselves as per, from "person". This term fills a variety of roles, from third person pronoun (though "they" is also acceptable) to replacing any reference to gender (ladies/gentlemen, mr/ms).
Some spaceborn are misgendered male or female or both. This is an insult, the same as misgendering a person now. Depending on the person could result in a negative reaction (it entirely depends on the spaceborn's temperment). Other spaceborn may accidentally default to using per when referencing humans as they have difficulty understanding the different gender markers humans have - especially on a ship where there is no easy point of reference/stereotype (ie women are not wearing dresses all the time with long, loose hair).

=====Spaceborn Customs=====
Greeting/farewell: hands raised, fingertips touching if needed for verification (or close association, such as a crèche-mate), fingertips not touching in most other cases.
Spaceborn do not generally have close/intimate contact with others so they do not hug, "pat on the back", etc. Spaceborn who have acclimatized to humans somewhat will not react negatively to a handshake or other "familiar" human gesture but will never initiate such contact.
Spaceborn generally do not lie. The truth, early and often, prevents incidents more often than a lie might save face. Generally a spaceborn will report an accident or mistake immediately so that proper action can be taken to correct it.

=====Spaceborn Names=====
Generally within a ship, spaceborn refer to themselves/each other by full name or the chosen shortform. The ship name is only important when interacting with others outside of the ship (other spaceborn or humans).
[ship name] [unique name]
jGhthr Vistalqree
Ship = jGhthr
unique name = Vistalqree

Each ship has their own way of creating names. On jGhthr, every astrogator has the "qree" ending. Spaceborn who leave their ship have the option to take a new ship name (the new ship) or keeping their birthship name. A spaceborn who ended up on a planet could take the planet's name, but no spaceborn has ever spent a significant amount of time dirtside for that to be more than an academic concept.
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