Sorcery expresses itself through innate magical abilities that represent a panoply of potential magical effects.
These abilities are wide spectrum and frequently unpredictable.
It appears that sorcery powers have a genetic basis and strains of sorcerous powers run in family lines.
Typically a primary sorcerous talent is revealed when a person passes from childhood to adulthood. Other talents can be revealed after, and sometimes a second strain of sorcerous talent is discovered as a character passes into middle age.

How it works:
Choose a School of Magic
Choose three Technique of Magic
Define an innate effect with each of these three techniques + school.

For example: You might choose the Yellow School of Magic and the Technique of Sensing, Alteration and Control to create a Sorcerous Talent that allows you to sense the presence of minds, instill suggestions to the mind using Alteration, and prevent others from sensing your mind using control.

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