The Schools of Magic
RedMagic is the magic of heat, the Sun, and the Fire element.
OrangeMagic is the magic of the material world and the Earth element, most magic to do with it has to do with summoning physical objects.
YellowMagic is the magic of the mind and conscious thought.
GreenMagic is the magic of life force, both animal and plant.
BlueMagic is the magic of emotions, charms, memories, and the Water element.
IndigoMagic is the magic of the weather, sky and stars, and the Air element.
VioletMagic is the magic of the unseen, time, and the Spirit element
WhiteMagic is a meta-magic involving the source of all magic, which is called the Essence or the Ether.
BlackMagic is a meta-magic involving negation of all things, and is the magic of Death and the Undead.

Related Groupings
A school can be said to have a Relation when there is a direct line connection between it and another school. These schools are bundled in three main groupings. Note that Red, Blue and Green are central paths through the tree of magic.

Red, Yellow, Green, Black (fire, mind, life, death)

Red, Blue, Violet, White (fire, water, spirit, essence)

Blue, Green, Indigo, Black, White (water, life, air, death, essence)
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