Saint Cyrwyn
Allomedia Celestes Barave Lithewood, who took the name Sister Cyrwyn (a name which means "Small Candle" in Lothasian) upon her ordination as a cloistered sister of the Order of Knowledge. Her father was a minor noble merchant and her grandfather was a titled scribe to a noble Lord, and as such she had learned to scribe at a very young age.

Shipped off to Vairswood Priory on the north coast of Lunargen as a young cleric, Sister Cyrwyn was given the task of cataloguing newly granted tomes: reading through books and scrolls that had been donated to the Church. It was considered the most boring duty at the priory, but the young Crywyn loved it.
She did it so well that she begged that the duty be assigned to her permanently. Her "Libralogica" cataloguing diaries were later discovered to be incredibly apt short summaries and the back pages a great index.
After demonstrating her apt skill with scribing, however, the church sought to earn money by requiring her to make hand copies of the more popular works in the library of Vairswood.

One of the miracles ascribed to St. Cyrwyn was her miraculous copying of a magical tome; a feat that non-inspired scribes could not accomplish.

Because of her odd nature and habit of completing another's sentences, Cyrwyn was not popular at her priory. She was so strange that, when an opportunity arrived to send her away, the Abbess did so. Cyrwyn was sent to The Owl's Roost, an ancient tower outpost of the Lunargenti Army, where she was required to continue scribing in an outbuilding with no other company other than the elements, the animals of nature, and the four soldiers assigned to the outpost: one Corporal and three kerns. The soldiers tended to keep to themselves, which was fine with Cyrwyn.

Instead of being a hated exile, however, Cyrwyn used this time as way of preparing her "Theoreis Ararcana," or "Theories of the Ancient Magic," which would later become a fundamental teaching text for all young wizards.

Her routine would be this: A shipment of books would arrive to be copied every Sun standing holiday, and the teamsters hired to bring them would load the copies she'd made and take back those which needed to be transported back. One Winter Solstice, however, the teamsters stopped arriving. When the Spring Equinox arrived and left and the Summer Solstice arrived and left, she determined that it was possible that the church had forgotten her. It was then she began what would become known as her Peregrinations, when a group of treasure hunters visiting the Roost convinced her to go with them to assist the raid on an ancient Firewherian treasure cache.

Other stories in Cyrwyn's hagiography are about her challenging the High Priestess of the Order of Knowledge to a magical duel, her schooling the Archmage's Council on their ways, her long and intense conversation with a talking dragon, and her discovery of Cyrwyn's Knot, a magical theory that allowed her to create many permanent magical effects that still exists to this day.
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