Real name: Himiko "Nami" Takonami

Alias: Ruin Melody

Ruin was born into a noble family who had no son and a father whom have given his bloodline the task of being a Daimyo’s eternal bodyguards.

Himiko’s father was forced to disguise her as a boy and become a Samurai to serve the Daimyo to honour this. Naturally the truth was discovered and they where all ordered to commit Harakiri, while her family went through with it, she refused and instead killed the guards and made her escape.

Her life after that was as a lawless ronin whose only purpose became to survive.

She picked the name “Ruin Melody” for herself, based on a fairytale her mother used to tell her about a girl who dishonoured her family and was cursed to become a heartless, a cold being who had no empathy and suffered all her days.

She paid off a captain of a foreign ship to take her away, using the month at sea to learn the basic common language of their destination.
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