King Roger Sebastian Alexandrius Lionsblood, by Grace the King of Corenth and Protector of Jasquon, First of his name.

Roger Lionsblood was educated in Lunargen where he attended the Argent Collegium. It is from that august institution he gained a love of reading, and read the works of the Ancients at a very young age. His mother's Uncle was Duke Jasquon, Grand Duke of Corenth.

She had married Sir Robert Lionsblood, a Banneret Knight in the service of the Duke, and that meant the Roger was put on the fast track to be a page, then a squire, and finally a Knight. Roger distinguished himself in several border skirmishes, first with the Freeholds of Yaria and later defended the Duchy of Corenth in action against the Amishkan army. Amishkan warriors called him "The Blooded Lion" and his battle tactics were soon known to be fierce and decisive. It was Roger who advocated the bringing of the Amishkan halberd into service as a footman weapon against cavalry.

Returning from the border conflicts, Lionsblood discovered that the Lunargenti Pretender to the Throne, Lady Aluna Gildmoon, had lead her army of reconquest into the streets of the Ducal seat and taken it over, suing for surrender and peace.

Duke Jasquon of Corenth negotiated a peace. In exchange for recognizing Aluna's claim to the throne and providing access to the royal treasury of Lunargen, he would be granted his own independent, sovereign principality. Aluna agreed to these terms with the proviso that Duke Jasquon could no longer be in power in the newly created country. Jasquon named Roger Lionsblood the first King of Corenth, and that is what began his reign.

Since then, he has gotten four heirs: Stephen, Mark, Calvin and George, and has ruled wisely for many years, approaching a century.

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