The University in Jasquon is one of only two academic institutions in the whole of Cora-Ni and it brings many students from other lands to receive a well-rounded education. Psyche is a traveller from the far off land of Lavaria, which to this date has not been placed on any maps, but Psyche says it’s “to the North and cold and in the mountains a bit, except when it rains and oh, then there’s also the lava flows.”

Psyche rents a townhouse just off Haldean Square, attends classes by day and enjoys the nightlife of academic life by night. She joined the quest for the Hare on a lark but has since become very serious about it. She wears Hare-related regalia, carries Hare-detection items (some may work, others do not), and is always following up on leads or sightings of the Hare.

She has a big map of the city of Jasquon up on her wall and marks sightings with a color-code of her own design. She has a gallery of fancy, beautiful dolls and another one of jeweled bunnies, all under lock and key and possessing their own magical protections. She has even cleared out a space, right in the middle of her bunny shelf, just for the Cloistered Hare.

It’s hard to tell what social class she’s in: students are frequently treated just a little better than homeless people, but she clearly has money or comes from money, and seems to speak a great many languages. Though she is a young woman, she is clearly her own person. Short, blonde, blue eyes, a shapely figure, she seems to have an outfit for any occasion in her closet, and will always dress appropriately. Her style is eclectic and best described as “oh, pretty!”

She has an indefatigable nature, hardly seems to sleep, enjoys spending time sunning herself on the rooftop and will go to parties and dance until the dawn, get up the next day and spend it researching in the library.

Beauty is like life for her. Without regular infusions of being surrounded by beauty, beautiful things, a perfect sunset, or something similar, she droops and wilts.

She doesn’t allow herself to be taken advantage of, however she will be generous with friends and occasionally “takes in a stray.” Some interesting people owe her favors.

She always seems to have items of magic on her person: these small items have various functions, usually to do with her personal comfort or security, or are there to pick up on clues about the Hare.
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