Laurel Pericarde Whitcrystal, County Bard of Windholme

Peri is rather young for a bard in her Petty Place, especially for someone as highly placed in Corenthi society as Countess Windholme, but she brings to the table a lot of benefits.

She's a gifted singer, harpist, and composer - she won her Laurel from the crown not as a result of her patronage from Elise, but due to her years of work collecting the folksongs of the people of Corenth and Lunargen and performing them so winningly and well at the festivals (Princess Daphne Lionsblood is very fond of folk dancing).

She is beautiful and winsome, and "avowedly single" - though she has many suitors of all genders, she manages to keep them all at a slight remove - frequently by introducing them to each other!

She is a member of the collegium called LeavesOfTime, an itinerant collegium which does not have a house in Jasquon but does manage to make its way through the area on occasion.
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