Ombre Rook
Ombre Rooks are native to the Lake region of Lunargen, but are found as far away as Sydalia. They make their nests so secretively that it is considered good luck to happen upon one - usually as a sign or portent that knowledge will soon be imparted.
Many mistake their coloring for black, but they are really a deep, midnight shade of the color blue.
Look other rooks they have a habit of collecting shiny materials for their nest, but they also have a love for black or green ribbon, which they use to thick their nests and make them harder to see in the trees.
Their eggs by contrast are a pale, white, lambent color and stand out if they are not hidden.
Because of the writings of Saint Cyrwyn, these birds were considered sacred, and a symbol of the Goddess Lothas in her guise as the Revealer of Mysteries and Protector of Knowledge.

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