The Royal Magellan Navy

The Navy is the pride of the Magellan Star Kingdom.


Currently the Navy consists of the following:

The Admiral of the Gold commands the Seventh Fleet. This fleet is an outward-facing one that tends to "Show the Colors" a lot, staying just inside "Free Space" lanes and keeping a watch on other polities' navies. They are the "Eyes and Ears" of the Star Kingdom, performing long looping ellipse journeys that have them coming back to Star Kingdom territories on a regular basis.

The Admiral of the Green commands the Home Fleet, the job is to be a deterrent force and to keep the peace among the homeworlds of the Star Kingdom, in addition to being an "instant reserve" that can be drawn upon in the event of an invasion.

The Admiral of the Black commands the Fourth Fleet, the primary goal of which is to keep the peace in the star lanes, protect merchant traffic, and generally play "star police" against piracy and smuggling. They also handle most of the exploration, charting, and science missions, and they protect supply ships for forward military bases. They maintain drones and place new navigational beacons and warning buoys.

There are several bureaus that run the Navy's infrastructure and they are referred to by shorthand.

BuPers is the Bureau of Personnel
BuPub is the Bureau of Public Affairs
BuShips is the Bureau of Ships
BuNav is the Bureau of Astrogation and Navigation
BuSec is the Bureau of Naval Security, the parent organization of the Shore Patrol
BuInt is the Bureau of Naval Intelligence
BuJust is the Bureau of Naval Justice and the parent organization of the Judge Advocate General Office
BuFleet is the Bureau of Fleet Operations and is the parent organization of the Office of the Inspector General
All the Bureaus fall technically under the command of the Admiral of the Green, the Home Fleet.



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