Mysticism is magic that derives from a supernatural divine source.

The magic that a Mysticism-able person may do has to do with the the mystic's initiated religion.

The religion itself acts as a limiting factor, in that mystic powers are given only to those who prove their faith and devotion to their divine patron.

Initiate: 2 basic abilities
Disciple: 3 basic abilities, 1 intermediate
Ordained: 5 basic Abilities, 3 intermediate, 1 advanced
Exalted: All basic abilities, 5 intermediate, 2 advanced, 1 miraculous
High (Priest, Priestess): All basic and intermediate abilities, 5 advanced, 3 miraculous
Saintly: All basic and intermediate abilities, all advanced, 5 miraculous, 1 wondrous

Divine Patrons are rated as follows

Ancestor / Intercessor: 1 Divine Point
Demidivine: 3 Divine Points
Lesser Divine: 5 Divine Points
Greater Divine: 10 Divine Points
Pantheon: 20 Divine Points
Plenipotentiary: 50 Divine Points

Each Divine Patron may have the following:

Initiates Per DP: 12
Disciples per DP: 6
Ordained per DP: 2
Exalted per DP: 1
High: 1 High per 5 DP
Saint: 1 Living Saint Per 10 DP

Mystic Abilities
These are called prayers, rituals, chants, songs, readings, benisons, blessings, curses.

Basic and intermediate abilities derive their power from the soul of the person using them. Using them can tire out a Mystic, until they are able to rest and recover their personal energy.

Advanced, miraculous and wondrous abilities derive their power directly from the divine patron.

Basic abilities perform small magics, such as a minor blessing, sanctification, sensing of mystic and moral energies. They rarely if ever create an overt effect in the world. Basic abilities can be invoked with very little fanfare and hardly any preparation.

Intermediate abilities can heal, harm, protect, cleanse, cure, neutralize, and channel energy. Intermediate abilities are able to be invoked with a demonstrative ritual or prayer, and sometimes require a foci of some kind.

Advanced abilities are flashy and intense. They can cause big effects, rain where there was none, summoning of aid, banishment of fell creatures, healing and restoration. They require a full blown ritual of people in regalia, complete with a sanctified altar with mystic accoutrements. The ritual's length and duration and intensity is correlated to the effect requested.

Miraculous abilities are prayerful miracles. They do not require much in the way of rituals, but they may only be done by powerful individuals in a religion.

Wondrous effects are huge and world-changing and are done only after a large ritual, a great sacrifice, a major religious expression.
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