The Star Kingdom military consists of a space-based Navy which carries armored assault troop Marines, a planetary Army with which to keep the peace on its many subject worlds and protectorates, the Magellan Scouts who are an elite recon and exploration group and the Queen's Own, also called the Knights of Victoria and the Gold Berets, a special forces / covert operations group par excellence. Each planetary Duchy has their own Militia and, if necessary, a wet Navy or Coast Guard as well, depending on need. Finally there is the para-military Royal Heralds, who are diplomats, spies, guerillas, and agents of change.

Star Kingdom sailors, Marines, and soldiers are the most heavily trained, best equipped military units in the Known Worlds.

Although the Kermorvan Empire surpasses her in overall tonnage of ships, the Confab Combine has better armed ships, the Ezekiel ships the most maneuverability, the Kingdom has the most advanced drives and power plants, which results in faster and stronger engagements.

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