Magic is a catch-all term for mystical powers that seem to have a lasting effect on the world.

Magic as a study is broken up into the following paths: Wizardry, Sorcery, Mysticism, Shamanism and Alchemy.

Magical power is reflected in a spectrum of schools: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white and black. Magical practice uses techniques such as create, destroy, sense, alter, and control.

The Paths of magic are simply different means for schools and techniques to be used together to create a needed result. Some Paths do some schools and techniques of magic better than others.


Of the five paths of magic, only Wizardry and Alchemy can be performed by a non-gifted individual without initiation into that path. Wizardry can be done by anyone with the mental discipline and knowledge of magic - this school can be self-taught by reading books of magic. Basic Alchemy can be done by anyone who can afford the materials and equipment. Having said that, it is very dangerous to do without guidance and extremely expensive.

Mysticism magic can be done only by those initiated into the religion associated with the power. Every so often a deity will choose its own representative and this will allow that person to direct miracles in that deity's name.

Shamanism is typically adopted through a initiatory rite that involves the death of the practitioner and return to life. This is usually handled by a previously initiated shaman. Shamans utilize spirit magic primarily to achieve their goals.

Sorcery is an inborn talent and cannot be learned. Usually a sorcerer shows talent for one school of magical ability, occasionally two or three.

The Code of Oisin

Named after the first king to implement it, the Code of Oisin demands that all citizens who study magic register themselves as practitioners of magic, and that, if a practitioner has the ability to kill someone with their power, that be noted in their registration. Practitioners who can kill directly with their power are called "Hazard-class."

In addition, the Code of Oisin forbids the use of magic to kill, or to fundamentally alter the mind, body, or spirit of another without consent. Those who are found guilty of this crime will be subjected to having their ability to do magic curtailed for a time or completely burned out. Special dispensation is given to military wizards serving the government and to healers, who fundamentally alter the body to heal it.

Note: One may have just the tiniest amount of Sorcerous talent to pull the trigger on a crossbow and kill someone, but typically that does not count to give the practitioner "Hazard" rating. The decision of the registrar is final in these cases.

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