This treaty ended the 7 year Guaranmi-Magellan war that started with the Massacre of Station and ended after the planetary bombardment of Sickle in the Guaradni polity and Dubchas in the Magellan. A peace treaty was brokered by Ezekiel as a neutral third party.

The treaty included provisions for a limitation in the creation of new warships according to a point-based schedule that would be inspected and approved by Ezekiel Peace Teams. For example, in this scheme a Dreadnaught could be decommissioned and several new ships built to equal its Treaty Point Score (TPS). In this way, it was hoped, the inevitable creation of larger and larger and more deadly warships would be limited.

It worked for quite some time until, of late, there have been considerable lag times between Peace Team visits and both polities have made things a lot more complex for the inspectors.
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