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A group of mercenaries, among them Avernus, Ember, Sparkles, LaTroma, Zecora and Beewaah, made their way from Blacpool to the city of Palmyra in Amishka. On the way they interacted with a wily tiefling lookout, ran afoul of gnaeltongues, interacted with the druids (during which Ember had her ankles grabbed and Zecora got pregnant), explored a caravanserai, interacted with a secret sect of Oriellian dancers, met a wizard who sold magic items, discovered a city that rose out of the sands and then vanished, discovered a ruin full of angry ghosts, and interacted with the underworld of krrf runners in Palmyra.

In the city in the sand they found a number of magical stones - talismans they call "Bricks" which have Firewherian characters on them. Each Brick had a different power or ability and had a number of charges for each function.

Selling their krrf to Sneeve in the house of fine herbals, they interacted with a Yarian lord whose wife was trying to kill him, saving him from his captors. They committed a raid on an Amishkan pasha's palace, stealing a number of magic items from them for a wizard who hired them anonymously.

Sparkles learned she had been left a legacy at Seacrest House in Lunargen, so they left to check the place out. Meeting the Baron in charge of the area where the house was, they took to sea to go explore Telyn Island. Exploring the island, they discovered a tribe of Haakan (Lizard People) who lived there. Using cunning and bluffing they convinced the Haakan that Ember was an avatar of their goddess. Using one of their Bricks, a travel portal one, they transported the Haakan to the jungle of their origin in T'yang, thus ridding the island of the Haakan. Then, they settled into exploring three areas of Bardic power: among them the Cantoum.
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