Limits of the Milieu

1. No Time Travel
2. No Point-to-point teleportation (hyperspace excluded)
3. No Godlike Singularity Intelligences Pulling Strings From Afar
4. No Klingons (if a group starts to look like Klingons or be treated like them in the story, I'm going to have their "other side" revealed pretty quickly)
5. No Planet Killers
6. So Far, All We've Met is Other Humans (no "aliens" aliens in the milieu yet. The Spaceborn are the closest to aliens because they've been fundamentally changed from human stock.
7. No Cornucopia Machines
8. Limited Matter to Energy / Energy to Matter transformations
9. No consciousness uploading (but there are memory recording / retrieval methods)

More as we get to them!

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