Captain Agnatius B. LaCrosse
A native of Orkney Prime, Captain LaCrosse grew up on her turbulent seas with his father Captain Jeremiah LaCrosse.

History / Timeline
He was a pilot of a troop carrier in the aftermath of the massacre at Lauradni Station.

He commanded a squadron of warships at EstalStation during the ConfabAnnexation.

Pre-Command Assignments
Small Attack Craft Assault Carrier RMSValkyrie
Frigate RMSOakbarton - Captain Blackwood - Tactical Officer
Destroyer RMSOsprey - Captain Valerie Greentree - Executive Officer

System Ship Commands
System Patrol Craft RMSGyrfalcon (Senior year at Bleusangre)
Troop Drop Ship RMSGeorginaHanson (Aboard the RMSValkyrie)

Hyper-Capable Commands
Fast Packet Courier RMSEllegua (2 Standard years)
Light Attack Cruiser RMSTalon (2 Standard years)
Destroyer RMSMedusa (5 Standard years)
Frigate RMSMandolin (8 Standard years)
Frigate RMSDauntless (25 Standard years)

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