The Magellan Star Kingdom

Located at a natural junction between the polities of the Known Worlds, the Magellan Star Kingdom is one of the most successful polity from an economic standpoint.

Part of this is due to her technology advantage, but part of it also is due to the Kingdom's hands-off policy about interfering with business, while at the same time protecting innovation and emphasizing slow societal change.

Duty and personal responsibility are very high on the list of character values for the Kingdom.

The Kingdom is a constitutional Monarchy based on genetics, merit, and politics. A Parliament consisting of the House of Lords and the House of Commons exists, and the Prime Minister is the Chief Operating Officer of the Kingdom. Third in line in terms of power if not succession is the Counselor of the Exchequer, who is the financial brain behind the Star Kingdom. This seat must be filled by a person who has served at least two terms in the House of Commons, and must have themselves a personal net worth of 90% more than the baseline poverty level in order to be appointed.

There are two kinds of Titles in the Star Kingdom. One is Hereditary, the other Merit. Those who aspire to hereditary titles must prove themselves worthy before title is shifted to them.

Merit-based Titles are awarded to those individuals who serve the Kingdom best. These are typically unlanded positions, although a few key exceptions are notable - See The Duke of Montclaire and The Baron of Valaris especially.

Separation of Church and State
There is no legally mandated Star Kingdom religion, nor, by its charter, will there ever be. Religious freedom and plurality is emphasized, including the right to believe in no creed or no deity.


Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech
The Star Kingdom emphasizes these values.

Equality in Genders
Although some ancient prejudices still hold on, the Star Kingdom was founded in a very gender-equal basis and has remained thus throughout its time.

One peculiar part of Star Kingdom culture is that of legally-countenanced Duels of Honor.

The Star Kingdom spends a great deal on its Military.

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