Kaposi Furnace

The Kaposi furnace is a hyperdynamic magnetic resonance fusion bottle. Like symbiotic parasite, the Kaposi Furnace on board any vessel is fed from and feeds to the KEG-M Sails.

Kaposi furnaces are never supposed to go quiet. They are self-sustaining if they are given minor amounts of energy to continue them. Ducted exhaust from a Kaposi furnace can be used as an extremely efficient and very incendiary thruster drive.

Think of a fusion bomb exploding continuously forever. That is the interior of the Kaposi bottle. The bottle itself is maintained by batteries and the power output from the KEG-M. A Kaposi furnace, when not being tapped for energy, is extremely quiet and creates no drive signature.

A direct hit to the heavily shielded and ferociously defended Furnace room of a ship frequently means doom for the ship and all its passengers: the Kaposi bottle ruptures and the entire ship lights up in hungry plasma, boiling quickly away to nothingness.

Civilian Kaposi furnaces exist in almost every part of the known worlds, and civilian vessels carry a lower-grade version of them. Military-grade Kaposis are considered very important and theft or loss of them is considered high treason. The process of creating new Kaposi furnaces has not been repeated by polities other than the Magellan Star Kingdom, one of the reasons why the kingdom is still ascendant.

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