Kirke-Elder Gravity Matrix: KEG-M or "Gravity Sail"

The Kirke-Elder Gravity Matrix was discovered as a means of stabilizing hyperspace flight and allowing the Chakrabarti Drive to function safely.

There are two main configurations for the KEG-M:

Wing-Figure means the KEG-M generators unfurl the sails from amidships.

Fore-Aft-Figure means the KEG-M generators reach out from fore and aft nodes.

KEG-M sails straight out of the box give off a muddy gray, staticky appearance. Because minor tuning can result in a slightly different color in the KEG-M sail, various polities have used this to differentiate their ships from time to time. Here are the color associations:

The Magellan Star Kingdom: Ruddy Gold (Red Gold) (their ships are typically painted black, so the black-and-gold colors of the Kingdom are preserved)

Guaranmi People's Republic: Forest Green (sometimes they look like waves of grass)

Ezekiel Theocracy: Silver (sometimes like angel wings)

The Kermorvan Empire: Azure Blue (with Celtic knotwork-esque fractal copper-red in them)

The Confab Combine: Purple (with yellow gears repeating through them)

Some pirates have been known to generate dark black sails which remain undetected visually the longest.
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