Jules. Just Jules.

Born Julianna Maritza Anderson, Jules is a fun-loving twenty-something (thirty one) who takes what life gives her and doesn’t ask for more.

She was born in the south but spent her childhood in her dad’s home in Puerto Rico. She and her mom returned to the States during the divorce and settled in her mom’s hometown (blink-and-you-miss-it). Jules didn’t find college interesting enough, so she took the scholarship money and traveled across the US.

California was nice, filled with people telling her she could make a movie star. But it was expensive and she didn’t like the diets. So another trip was called for. Without scholarship money she had to hitchhike her way to New York. Jules spent some time as a street musician, a nanny, a “performance artist”, and more than a few nights in a dark corner in Central Park. The southwest had been too obsessed with looks, the northeast was too obsessed with success, and so she kept wandering, traveling over Europe, Asia, and Africa, looking for the right place to call home.

It was back in a trip to the US that she found it. After staying with her mother for one of her short and pointless visits, she found Wildside.

The folk were friendly and didn’t seem to require anything special from Jules (unlike her mother, who had never forgiven her for giving up on her dreams of college). Her own self was enough to fit in.

She’s learned a few random things from her years of travel. Jules plays a mean hand of poker, and almost completed a mixology course (tending bar at more than a few sketchy bars to earn bus fare to the next town). She even managed to get a brown belt in shotokan karate.

Some mornings she leads yoga by the beach. Some mornings she’s too hung over to get out of bed before noon. And that seems to be ok for the people who stay at Wildside.

Additional Info

Parents: Dariel Ortíz, Mary Anderson
Sexuality: Pansexual, panromantic, monogamous, cis gender
Jules wears a charm bracelet, from her Puerto Rican grandmother.


Nature: Bon Vivant
Strength: Lucky
Weakness: Disconnected
Subplot: I Love This Bar
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