1 small chest, locked with a rusty lock (call it "Rusty") (Has several magic sources inside of it)
1 medium chest, no visible lock, ax and claw scratches (call it "Scratchy") (several magical sources inside)
1 strongbox, no visible lock, slightly dented (call it "Tuffy") (very light magic inside)
1 long case, fine steel lock (call it "Casey") (heavy magic inside)

4 purses:

BOLD indicates magically reactive...

Cloth purse: 20 Sydalian silver pennies, lucky gemstone, dog figurine, copper key
Velvet purse: 23 Blacpool tokens, a silver ring with a peacock feather colored stone, ring with a dent, silver key
Silk purse: 12 Lunargenti gold sovereigns, 24 Corenthi silver griffins, 42 Blacpool tokens, 12 Sydalian silver pennies, 22 Sydalian gold leaf coins, bracelet of ebony pearls, brass key with opal embedded
Leather purse: 32 Blacpool tokens, a skull ring, a small vial of black liquid, a small vial of pink liquid, a small vial of green liquid all individually wrapped up in cloth. a rusty key, a black steel key with a black ebon gemstone

Coins Worth (Visible coins)
(See this page about Coins in Cora-Ni Coins of the World)
total value of coins visible: 23+42+32 = 97 Blacpool Tokens = 97 GP
20+12= 32 Sydalian Silver Pennies = 32 SP
12 Lunargenti Gold sovereigns = 24 GP
24 Corenthi Silver griffins = 24 SP
22 Sydalian gold leaves = 22 GP

Total GP = 143
Total SP = 56, which equals 2 gold, 16 silver

24 GP / person with some left over
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