January 22nd, 2017

Team got together.

Sparkles is connected to Ember through Alabaster and to Avernus as a Frenemy

Ember is connected to Beewaah because Bee likes her.

January 29, 2017

Sparkles distracted the caravan guards so that Avernus could steal a piece of glass from a packing crate.

Avernus succeeded and dropped a smaller box on accident but put it in his haversack.

The team went ahead of the caravan to scout out the route. Cinder, the mini-dragon, did some scouting. He found a goblin tied up in a tree as a sniper.

Ember discovered a pile of offal and bones.

Avernus discovered a trap and disarmed it - an alarm string.

Sparkles found a tower in the trees.

Cinder found two orcs in the woods who shot at him with crossbows. One of the orcs hit and Cinder went down.

Zecora leapt into action to try and help him. Ember rose into the air on her dragon wings to look for his attacker. Suddenly a lot of orcs and ogres attacked. Combat ensued and the heroes emerged victorious, though two got away.

Loots have yet to be divided, and some members are injured.

Check the Loot List for the game on January 29th

February 5th, 2017

Ember identified a number of items in the loot list. Ivy Starfall teleported in, and was able to help out identifying.

Particularly of interest was the Tent of the Wunjo, the Figurine of the Faithful Hound, and a longsword with three kinds of damage abilities - the other items are on the Loot list.

Sparkles, Avernus and Zecora interviewed the goblin sniper. He cursed Avernus with a Goblin Death curse after explaining that his raiding party was part of a larger band of gnaeltongues, and was killed by Avernus.

Later on the next day, a tiefling teenager was discovered and interrogated. Apparently he lives nearby with his family, nestled in a network of caves that plugs into the Blacpool sewer system.

They bypassed the tiefling and went on along.

Avernus had a nightmare that night of a man with fiery, silver hands strangling him by the throat.

Finally came to the Sydalian village of Radishville, and met Tydalius, the factor from the Goldbind Concern. It was revealed that Tydalius had a shipment of alchemical explosives to place on the caravan in exchange for some of the glassware that was brought. The party did not like this news and negotiated for an additional share in the profits.

Ember scared the bartender by stating she was a wizard. She made contact with Corvus and checked in with him: apparently there was a "strange energy source" under the city that was being investigated.

Beewaah was quite popular giving druidic wisdom to the people of the village.


The caravan dropped off some glassware and picked up some alchemical explosives. After that they travelled for a time and felt the power of the Worldheart growing. Zecora was drunk so she stayed behind in Radishville, sleeping in.

The caravan came under attack by Gnaeltongue riders who tried to sabotage the rigging on one of the carts. By picking them off one by one they were able to stop the attack, except an explosion from a fireball wand took out Ivy and Ember.

The caravan approached an area of great druidic power called the Worldheart.


The team reached the Worldheart, the Druid's place


First River battle, Halflings, rescue


Second River


Met Jezebel, Mama Raza and Sylfie - LaTroma going to ask Goddess for guidance


Finally made it to Palimyra

Discovered Loot in the Cave


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