Ember, a dragonkin Conjurer wizard studying under Alabaster the Dragonmage
Avernus, a rogue
Sparkles. a transformed bunny "facetime" expert
LaTroma, a cleric of Orielle (House Verbena)
Rattle, a halfling Engineer / Inventor
Magpie Brightsun, an elven Holy Warrior of Orielle, protector of IAL-LaTroma


Retired / On the Bench

Beewaah, a treespirit druid sent to assist the agent of the druids Zecora
Ivy Starfall, an elven bardic dancer from Jasquon
Grant, a knight who has been displaced from his homeland
Laethrill Wolfsdottir, a Wolfen Ranger
Andbrix Darksky, a Halfling Druid and shapechanger
Zecora, a faun Ranger, agent of the Druids
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