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From a young age you were fitted with nano-biotech combined with genetics to give you advantages in survival and to help you thrive.

====Heavy Worlder====
Your strong, heavy build is a gift from the heavy gravity of your homeworld and the genetic manipulation given to your people.

You come from a society of mentalists, thinkers who emphasize non-violent mental discipline and the improvement of the mind. Different sects of Mensats believe in genetic manipulation, bionano augments, both, or neither.

====Navy Brat====
Your parents were in the Navy, and their parents, and so on. You've grown up in starships or stations your entire life. Minor augments or GM to Navy spec.

====Noble Scion====
Your parents were wealthy, noble, or famous (or all three) and your surname is well known. Your biogenetic profile is mostly perfect (you had to go through a clone screen when you were born). Only superficial augmentation.

You were thawed from hibernation on a discovered colony ship, a religious, economic, political, or ideological refugee.

You were born in space with a natural ability to negotiate three dimensions, vector and inertia and changes in gravity. Due to limited resources, your people have chosen to do away with all gender and reproduce in vitro according to a genetics plan. 3rd Person Pronouns: Ep, Pim, Per, Per, Perself. Spaceborn frequently have strange allergies and digestive disorders and are extremely sensitive to taste and smell.

You are from a long line of non-GM humans from Old Earth. There is a certain pride in being "original stock" and many Earthers tend toward prejudices against their cousins.
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