RoseDaughter: Yay! So excited! :) if anyone needs to
talk plot or anything you can reach me on yahoo
messager as rosedaughter77. :)
Sambearpoet (narrator): I would like at least 5 players
before we start. Thanks for the great characters y'all.
Lasercat: Hi folks. Great character snapshots,
@RoseDaughter & @Xavier. Looking forward to seeing
who else joins us.
Lasercat: @Sambearpoet: question for you, Sam. What
would be an appropriate rank for ESA Kinkaid?
Duck_Fiction: Hey everyone :) .. Agh hate typing on the
Sambearpoet (narrator): Just need a Comms and an
Engineer and we're good :)
teabee: Hi hi! Very excited to play this - it's a great
concept :)
Sambearpoet (narrator): @Lasercat Definitely think Lt.
Commander on that one
Lasercat: @teabee: don't feel too lonesome aboard-
ship! Kinkaid probably empathizes--I bet he and Vist
totally geek out on astrogatory minutiae of an evening.
Sambearpoet (narrator): I am sambearpoet on Google
or Yahoo btw, y'all
RoseDaughter: Theses are such good characters!! I'm
looking forward to it!!
teabee: @Lasercat I think Kincaid and Vist will get along
well for sure, outcasts that they both are. And it looks
like such a good crew - potential for conflict and
Duck_Fiction: Looking forward to not getting along with
anyone :D
Duck_Fiction: @Sambearpoet Great that someone's
making a game like this. Love this old-fashioned kind of
space stuff and I've never seen it in any games, ever.
Xavier: This looks like a lot of fun, looking forward to
playing with you all!
Xavier: I apologize in advance for my character being
kind of a jerk. I'm aiming for damaged, with some
balance between lashing out and reaching out. If
anybody feels I overstep, please let me know. I can be
reached at
Xavier: I am, also, curious what the appropriate rank for
Roger should be. I set Colonel to start because I figure
his first arc is, well, downward, but if you feel
otherwise, let me know.
RoseDaughter: @Xavier Damaged is good!! I'm all about
the dramatic conflict. Also, hopefully we all have a
pretty good grasp on the difference between in-game
interaction and real life interaction. :) I'm sure it will be
fine. :)
Sambearpoet (narrator): @Xavier yes Roger is a Colonel
of Marines, but if he were off-ship he'd be a Captain. As
far as "Being a Jerk" remember that a lot of Marine
training is taking "jerks" and making them into
functional, deadly, and command-worthy warriors :) I
imagine he falls back on military discipline in social
situations and that would be fine with me :)
Sambearpoet (narrator): AND....we are done. What you
see is what you get people. First move will be up soon
as I get our Surgeon sorted out tonight.
barsinister: This looks great! I think it's interesting that
Roger and Haale have a similar background and subplot
but completely opposite personalities and attitudes
about it. Should be cool!
RoseDaughter: WooHoo!!
Lasercat: Hi all! Looking forward to the voyages of the
RMS Dauntless.
Xavier: @Rosedaughter You're a Navy Brat, so Roger
treats you with all the grudging respect that Pukes in
command position (who probably even earned it, you
soft, coddled, whelp) deserve. Those are reflex
reactions, though. Of this bunch, you're his favorite.
Lucky you!
Xavier: @barsinister I imagine Roger plays old school
music, or vids. If Haale managed to help him
remanufacture some other nostalgia (beer?) his general
attitude toward him would actually be relatively high.
Just don't talk about religion. Or politics.
RoseDaughter: Ha! Awesome! Adelaide has spent her
life around gruff, terribly unemotional men (and women
I expect) so I doubt she'll be very bothered. :) In fact I
think she'll feel pretty honored to have his respect,
however grudging, and the idea of losing it would weigh
pretty heavily on her.
RoseDaughter: @Duck_Fiction Do you think Carolyn and
Adelaide know each other well? Adelaide may not be
noble, but her family has been long respected in the
highest ranks of service. They might have crossed paths.
Thoughts? I'm also afraid she might be someone who
gives the Blackwood name a hard time. She tries to be
fair and just minded, but its hard for someone who has
spent almost every waking moment of her life in the
service of the Queen to look past what she sees as a
massive betrayal. And family linage is super important
to her all in all it might be a little bumpy for
these two...if you like that idea...
barsinister: @Xavier Haale would be very interested in
trying to recreate some of the artifacts of the past. I'm
sure they've done that, but Haale's still observant and
his inconvenient rites and prohibitions have most likely
angered Roger on more than one occasion. Haale only
tried to discuss religion with Roger once.
Duck_Fiction: @RoseDaughter Yeah, bumpy relations
sounds fine to me. Plus Carolyn is not gonna help things
out as 'haughty noble assholes' is pretty much the genre
Xavier: @duck_fiction Hooboy, until and unless your
amazing tactical genius personally saves his life at least
three times (the first two could have been luck), Roger
does not like, or trust, you. This... may actually
endanger the success of some missions.
Duck_Fiction: Sounds awesome :) Yay for drama.
Lasercat: @Xavier, you may be in luck: Elliott's may be
blue and hardwired, but he's a mean hobbyist distiller
(been trying for years to recreate Clan Kincaid's ancient
single malt)
Lasercat: ah, phone-typed typos, how I love ya.
RoseDaughter: @Lasercat Duuuuuude....Adelaide is
going to HATE that...if she ever finds out... ;)
barsinister: Oh, man. The secret booze ring on board.
Lasercat: Look, it's... iced tea. We drink iced tea on card
nights. In tumblers.
RoseDaughter: @Lasercat Unhun...I don't believe
you...*glares* :D!
Xavier: Bruckman uses his authority to administratively
shield this unsanctioned activity, giving unused cargo
space allotted to his company to Kincaid to work his
magic with. @lasercat I can't say he treats you like a
human, but he will sit at the same table and stare into
the middle distance while not talking with you. You can
tell whether or not he likes your brew through a subtle
arrangement of grunts.
Xavier: Well, maybe not at the same table. But perhaps
some distance along the same bar. When he's feeling
Xavier: Hey, @duck_fiction, can I discuss something
with you aside?
Duck_Fiction: Sure? What's on your mind?
DeckardPain: So is it meant to be like the British Empire
kind of - but in space? That could be kind of cool as
there was lots of interesting stuff like the Imperial
Federation that never took off IRL and
the clash between locally controlled autonomous
colonies (colonialism) and central control from
Westminster (imperialism) which were major debates at
the time.
Xavier: Well, @Duck_fiction , I was wondering if you
were interested in a secret little thing? I can discuss it
here, but it might be more fun as a surprise to people, if
it comes up.
Xavier: @barsinister Does your religion allow you
politely ignore the presence of a still on the ship? (Heat
sinks and moisture emission might register use).
Otherwise, @lasercat, you're doing your brewing in
your own biocavities. Eww.
barsinister: @Xavier Alcohol is not prohibited, so long as
it is made according the strict specifications of my faith.
I have ensured that the still meets these standards. A
nearby exhaust pipe masks the heat, and a moisture
evaporator has been rigged in the return air vent above
Xavier: Roger declares he will arrange an appropriate
consideration for that effort at the next shore leave.
The consideration intended likely involves numerous
violation of your moral code, basic sanitation and
Duck_Fiction: Xavier, sure I guess. I'm setting up a
dedicated storium email soon too. Deckard: it's pretty
much british empire in space, yeah :)
teabee: I work for a few hours and come back to
questionable beverage production and consumption!
Vist perself does not imbibe, as per is allergic to ethanol
based foods and liquids. Poor Vist. One more thing
preventing per from making friends. :)
RoseDaughter: Well, Vist can come hang out with Addy
in the old folks club...she's going to be spending most of
her evenings alone I think. Haha!
Xavier: My thought is that if this is kind of the British
Empire of the 1800s ... my guy is a holdover from the
1600s. It's a much different world.
Sambearpoet (narrator): This game is loosely based on
the Honor Harrington series by David Weber, although I
wanted to have more diversity in space and more high
technology and more transhuman things. The word
"honor" is an homage to David's novels, though - I love
Duck_Fiction: That's what I figured. I love sea as a
metaphor for space (sea is romantic, space is kinda
dead) so I'm sorta familiar with this variety of scifi :)
Lasercat: @teabee: that's why Elliott worked so hard
making Vist that phenotype-friendly synthehol for per
last crèche-day! And for the record, Bruckman, I'll
overlook that (unhygienic) biocavity comment... I know
you're still smarting since you found out the expensive
way that Kincaid's synesthesia lets him 'taste' the
lemony grimace you call a poker face.
Lasercat: And for the record, Commander Farbright,
Elliott does work hard to earn Addy's professional (if not
personal) respect. Even though he frequently chafes
under The Rules.
Lasercat: ;)
Xavier: And then he learned what musical note is
associated with meeting the deck at velocity. B flat.
Sambearpoet (narrator): By the way I'm putting
together a Wiki for this game, if you want edit rights,
email me at sambearpoet at and identify
your Storium handle - thanks!
RoseDaughter: @lasercat Love it! I look forward to their
interaction!! @sambearpoet Awesome! I'll email you.
teabee: @Lasercat, and Vist greatly enjoyed the
thought. Per has learned enough about human customs
not to make obvious faces of disgust (the synthehol
tasted like wet paint) and Vist would happily drink a
barrel for friendship!
Sambearpoet (narrator): Welcome Dr. Skyler, y'all :)
RoseDaughter: Yessssssss!!!! And may I just say that I
LOVE that this game hasn't even started yet and we've
got like three times the comments of any other game
I'm playing!
Gimmemocha: Omg. Homework. *scrolls back to catch
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