The Harp of the Winds
This harp was crafted by Caelione, a Master Bard and Druid of the Eastern Morning.
It was imbued with spirits who agreed to serve the bearer of the harp according to their skill and ability.

It is made of light, strong wood. The polish on the wood is stained dark like clouds at the base and pure white like summer's morning at the top, with sky blue along the middle.

The harp has the capacity to grow in power along with its bearer.

Each bearer must win the harp's respect when it first is held by playing the most intense and beautiful harp music the harper knows. Otherwise, this harp does not function as anything but a basic harp.

At this time, it has the following powers / abilities:

* Protects its bearer with magical force equal to deflection AC +3
* Provides its bearer with +2 bonus on saving throws

Spell-like powers:

* Note of the Wayward Zephyr: A single note can send a swift breeze to help guide one missle either to its target, or away from it, within 50'. The bard must have knowledge of the object's flight in order to influence it. (This usually means the bard has to get a higher level initiative roll than the person loosing the missle). The Note can cause modifications equal to 1d4+1 (Plus or Minus 2-5 points) Massive objects are not affected by the Note. This may be done as a free action as long as the harp is in hand.

* Chord of the Frostwhip: A chord can send a whip of frost out to lash at the enemy of the harper within 50 feet. Roll a ranged touch attack which does 1d6 impact damage and 1d8 cold damage, 1d10 on a critical hit. This requires a move-equivalent action.

* Stanza of the Dispersing Wind: A stanza will send a circle of harsh air roiling around the bard, pushing back all but the most heavy and sturdy, otherwise acting like a circular wind wall as per the spell. Roll Perform (Harp) to provide the DC on a reflex save to avoid being pushed back to the limit of the circle, a bonus of +4 for creatures sized Large and -4 for creatures sized Small. This can be done three times per day before it is exhausted. It lasts as long as the bard keeps playing.

* Song of Silence and Clamor: The harp creates an area of silence up to 50 feet that absorbs all sound from within but allows the harper and those she designates to continues to listen and speak to each other.

Alternatively, the song can be used to amplify the harper's voice so that they may be heard for a long distance, thus increasing the range of their bardic abilities. The sound seems to come from all around, rather than one specific place.
The harper must concentrate to keep the song going or it will be lost. This power can be used once per week.
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