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The Cloistered Hare Character Creation Page

First, decide your character's origin

This includes your nationality, birth order, whether or not you know your parents and family, whether or not you grew up in poverty, affluence, or merely decent survival.


The City of Jasquon is a center of trade and travel, making it just as likely you'll see someone who was born locally as you will see those born far away. Nationality matters only to a select, prejudiced few, though some aspects do attach to kin from a specific country. Erendani, for example, are thought of as excellent crafters. Corenth and Lunargenti form the majority of folk, followed by Sydalian and Yarian, with Erendani and Amishkan coming up nearly last, finally you very rarely see folk from the Spindrift Isles or T'yang.

Spindrift Islander

Second, Decide your High Concept

"High Concept" is the full package of how other people view you. You may disagree with their assessment or not, but the truth is your skills revolve around a specific locus.

A Magical Talent
Dashing Rogue
Foreign Envoy
Crypt Raider
Minor Noble
Poor Knight
Commoner Artisan

Third, decide your Primary Strength

Everyone has something they are good at and this choice determines what your's is - for the moment.
Remember that in the course of the game you will find a means by which you may replace this Strength with another if you wish.

Natural Aspects

Hand To Hand Combat
Blunt Weapon Combat
Fast and Lithe
The Luck

Fourth, decide your Weakness

Now choose what is your downfall - at least for now. Remember that it is possible to choose a Weakness now and later change to a different Weakness.

Enemies Pursue You
Bouts of Bad Luck
Debts Are Owed
Dangerlust: the riskier the better
Dark Secret
Revolutionary or Radical
Strange Appetite
Unusual Allergy
Destiny or Fate
Inattention and Distraction
Envy or Greed
Infatuation or Hero Worship
Weirdness Magnet
A House on Shaky Ground

Fifth, decide your Sub-Plot

The subplot determines the kind of stories you're a part of, and what reputation you present.

Fortune and Glory
To Serve the Balance
Only Justice Will Conquer
Revelation is Never Done
The Winner Takes All
The Song of the Heart
The Knowing of Steel
An Oath is Forever
I Am The Hand of the Divine

Sixth, choose other important information about your character

Choose a Secondary Strength - This is not reflected in the Storium game, but it will be taken into account when you play your character.

Choose a Religion - If you do not wish to make a choice, choose Jasquonian, which is just exactly that.


Jasquonian (Other, not specified)
The Church of Lothas
The Cult of Alor
The Way of the Prophet
The Temple of Orielle
Follower Of The Luck
Petrarian (Atheist / Agnostic)

Decide your other personal affiliations. See Culture for more information about the ones that are available.

Please include all of these choices in your Character submission.

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