Halstead Percival Lovelace is the last in long line of Corenthi Lovelaces trying to make the best out of less-than-stellar circumstances. The family line lost their standing and most of their fortunes as a result of a rather bloody inter-house skirmish over trading and shipping concerns that were brought to an end when one of the competing merchant houses successfully framed the Lovelaces for smuggling, bribery and murder.

Dropped from the acceptable reaches of high society like last year’s fashion, the Lovelaces struggled to keep what little remained of their once-great merchant empire by taking on the very business that had been unjustly accused of pursing.

For a few generations this worked amazingly well with the family being able to trade on its caché of notorious scalawags into all sorts of black-market mischief. During the last great war, the Lovelaces became both infamous and popular again by helping the local Corenthi forces remain prefered buyers in black market smuggling that saved the lives of more than a few soldiers in remote or cut-off garrisons. Mss Lovelace became a small legend during this time, using her developing pregnancy to great advantage to smuggle documents and cash past checkpoints or by staging “medical emergencies” that distracted key personnel at important moments.

At the end of the conflict, Halstead’s father proudly proclaimed that the new title of “baronet,” awarded to him by the grateful King Lionsblood, signified the family’s new’s upturn of fortune. That, and the birth of his son.

When Halstead Percival was born, it was a given that he would be trained from the floor-up in the family business. He was taught not only his numbers and how to read properly, but also the disguise tricks and pickpocketing skills of the beggars that the Lovelaces used as spies and lookouts. Even as a young boy he was remarkably fast and lithe, able to squeeze into small spaces and climb with acrobatic fearlessness. He would scale the sides of buildings as a child and carefully watch all the myriad actions below him in the streets, unobserved. He quickly developed an acute sense of self-awareness which allowed him to keep track of the constabulary, his current mark, and other predators that might also be out hunting. In his mind it was like watching pieces move slowly on a chessboard. His physical speed and spacial awareness of events and people around him became such a developed talent that he was able to survive several attempts on his young life.

The harsh realities of the street coupled with his parent's viewpoint that most people are opportunities meant to be separated from their money, has given Halstead a fairly Petrarian, view on life. While is no esoteric practitioner, he has found the value of questioning the obvious very helpful, and he has not seen a particular benefit of naming one church over another as the group most likely to separate him from his money.

His family made sure to balance out his exposure to the lower elements of life by demanding he also learn proper etiquette, fashionable dress, and ballroom dancing. As soon as he was acceptably adept at not embarrassing himself, they began dragging him to what few high social events it would be appropriate to be seen at. Eventually he learned the rules of this strange world as well and discovered his talents made him a very fine dancer indeed.

It did not escape his attention that his family expected him to marry into an actual title, and while me made a show of complying with their wishes, he also made sure that his personal reputation just slightly preceded his parent’s end game. The results have been mixed as his youthful indiscretions have in fact been very discreet and his female friends and allies now possibly outnumber his male counterparts.

Two years ago Halstead left town for a rendezvous with the youngest daughter of Baron Cattletrop. Lovelace’s parents had been seeking to finalize a legitimate contract to supply goods with the Baron and had become suspicious of his feet-dragging. Halstead, already bored with Alize Cattletrop’s incessant prattling, decided that his actual mission was to break into the baron’s records and discover anything that could shed some light on the situation, or be used as blackmail material.

When he arrived at the summer estate he found the residence empty and unstaffed except by a baffled few staffers who were easily bribed to let him stay overnight before returning. Helping himself to what few of the Baron’s remaining records that were on the grounds, HP realized the Baron had already entered into a cabal with his parents worst enemies from their old merchant empire days, and these forces still wanted the Lovelaces dead.

Returning home that night in a frenzied gallop, Halstead arrived in time to see the family manse burning to the ground, his parents dead and his family fortune largely gone up in smoke.

Now Halstead is the last Lovelace, looking to rebuild his fortunes. He’s uncertain if his parent’s enemies want him dead, but he’s been staying as close to his more well-to-do friends as possible to discourage random attacks. In the meantime there’s just enough money in the bank (and a bit more tucked away in very well hidden lockboxes) to keep him in comfort for maybe a year or so. He knows he has to do something big and decisive to win back his fortunes and the glory of his diminished household, and finding this damned magical Hare might just be the thing.
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