Gyrfalcon Barony
The Barony has been in the Gyrfalcon family by custom since the founding of Jasquon and was awarded to Sir Garth Gyrfalcon as a reward for his bravery in the 2nd Battle of Volewood, where Triumverate footmen fought back a company of Royalist light cavalry using Amishkan halberds. Sir Garth rode a tamed gryphon into battle, flying over the enemy and helping to drive them back so that his footmen force could lock shields and keep cavalry charges from breaking their lines.

Colonel Garlos Riventree, in charge of the defense of the Grand Duchy of Corenth, awarded Baronial favors to all four of his top level commanders that day, and Sir Gyrfalcon was one of them. Though the Ducal forces could not stand to keep Royalist forces out, they did force Queen Aluna Gildmoon to marshal her strength and bought six more months of resistance.

In the end, however, Royalist forces invaded using the classic "three tines of the fork" method, by capturing Kingsgate Tower, the ford at Barnsby, and the use of magic to bridge the Lunasa River at Thornbriar, and the Chamberlain of the Duke admitted the Royalist forces to the city to save the beautiful structures from being destroyed by an angry and fierce army.

Important to note that the Air Marshall of the Corenthi Gryphon Riders has always been Baron Gyrfalcon, by tradition.
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