Guaranmi People's Republic

The Guaranmi People's Republic represents seven stars and 10 different worlds orbiting those stars.
Originally discovered by an Old Earth sublight exploratory ship, the GPR was originally colonized through ships using the alpha phase Chakrabarti-drive. That original, foundation world was dubbed Monai, the third planet from the star now known as Guaranmi.

Unlike some other government-funded colonization efforts, the Guaranmi Project was privately funded and administered by an extra-national organization. Individuals and family groups bought shares in the colony and those shares matured over time. Eventually when the colony ship was ready, the 1026 colonists with the most shares were chosen to depart.

It was these colonists who made up the primary culture of Guaranmi.

The politics of Guaranmi according to the Pournelle Chart is 5,5: High Rationalism, High Statism.

The economics of Guaranmi are based on the lush world it first colonized. Monai has a huge amount of arable land and a great deal of natural water. The seasons are all relatively mild. The planet is fruitful also due to genetically modified crops which basically plant themselves. Monai-bread fruit is extremely nutritious and can be prepared in many interesting methods using ancient Earth techniques. As a result of this initial success, the GRP went on to refurbish their colony ship and began searching for another world upon which to base their success. The process repeats itself year after year.
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