Lady Lieutenant Galya Northstar

Family Name: Northstar (from Barony Northstar)
Family Role in Society: Noble
Primary Wealth: Horses, Mistgrown Apples, Blackwood, Goldwood

Lady Northstar is from the Borderwoods. Her family has a history of military service and service as Masters At Arms and the Marshall of the Watch. In other words, Northstars are always law enforcement officers. They did serve the War Duke during the Trium War, but swore fealty to the Queen once she declared herself. Northstar Roans are famous in the cavalry, and all Northstars are reared to be expert riders.

Right now, she has her hands full being taking care of the security of all the noble personages who arrived last Autumn, and who wintered over in the gentle climate of Nimea. Because this is her focus, she was assigned to the cases of recent murders.

Northstar is not a very elegantly spoken woman, which sometimes hurts her success with the nobility.
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