The Galley is a nexus of several different areas.
1.) It is close to Freezer Hold, Fridge Hold and Dry Goods Hold, and there is a pallet-sized dumbwaiter that sinks right down into the gangway at the center of these holds.
2.) It has a Pantry which has been converted to the Chief's Office.
3.) There is a huge convection oven here.
4.) Eight burners fed through ship's Kaposi mains
5.) A huge sink with cold, hot and blazing hot water.
6.) Dishbot, everybody's friend. Dishbot loves you and loves your dishes. Dishbot can't go anywhere, but it is fulfilled by staying in one place and cleaning every dish you hand it. Only problem is that the sound of breaking dishes requires you to reboot Dishbot.

A staff of eight works in the kitchen, 4 permanent employees including the Assistant Cook, and 4 "KP" employees who rotate through the duty. Nobody bothers Dishbot.

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