Rules on Fraternization

* No fraternization (including dating and sexual behavior) during active duty (such as watch-standing, combat operations, or any other situation requiring the sailor's entire attention) (off-duty is OK)

* No fraternization (including dating and sexual behavior) during training rotation (such as when you are cadets, or during intensive training schools or courses) (during school break is OK)

* No fraternization high rank to low in the same chain of command on or off duty. If you are responsible for the sailor in question, you may not fraternize with them. The *appearance* of impropriety must be avoided at all times in this instance. If you have a "close call" report it to your superior officer.

For instance, let's say a Midshipman and an Ensign are serving on two different ships and they start a romance. Let's say that the Ensign gets assigned to the same boat as the Midshipman, and the Middie is now in charge of the Ensign. That relationship is hereby toast until the situation changes. No-go. Not going to happen. On or off base.

* Full disclosure of any "prejudicial nature" that might interfere with your ability to do your job must be given to your superior officer. (If you are lovers with another officer off-duty and you are both going into a dangerous situation and you've been so good to hide it that nobody knows, you need to disclose it to your superior officer)

* Sexually "acting out" and sexual harassment is considered grounds for court martial or at the very least a Captain's Mast.

* The XO and the Captain's door is always open to receive information about fraternization or any one of the "21 Crash Landings" disciplinary areas.

In the figure below, Sailor Q cannot date anyone on the chart because Sailor Q is in charge of them all.

Sailor A, however, can date any of the sailors under sailor Z, including Sailor Z.

Sailor B & C cannot date A or Z

Sailors D, E, & F must content themselves with dating Sailors W, V, and U.

However let's say Z mustered out of the Navy and Q assigned Z's sailors to A. At that point, they all fall into A's chain of command, and even if a past relationship exists, they must now stop dating altogether. The only defense against that is if A and A's lover decide to get married, but BuPers hates married people serving on the same ship, so they're likely to send you to a seperate command altogether if you do that.

Fraternization chart showing who can date whom

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